Japan tour 18-25 October!

I will be touring in Japan in October 2018! 

“North Meets East”
18 Oct 19.30 hrs – Tokyo – w/ Gessui Kuroda @ “November 11th”
19 Oct 20.00 hrs – Kyoto – @ Le Club Jazz
20 Oct 19.00 hrs – Miyazu
22 Oct 18.30 hrs – Hiroshima – @ Music Life Tao
24 Oct – Senzoku College of Music (clinic)
25 Oct 19.30 hrs – Tokyo/Kichijoji – @ Sometime

Even though it will be my fifth tour there, I am really excited about it. I love so many things about Japan (and so does my son, who will be travelling with me). And I’m looking forward to meeting old and new friends, and to playing with these great Japanese musicians:

Kazumi Ikenaga (dr)
Gessui Kuroda (biwa) (Oct 18)
Chieko Maki (pno) (Oct 19-22)
Yasutaka Yorozu (bs) (Oct 19-22)
Motohiko Ichino (gui) (Oct 25)
Sho Kudo (bs) (Oct 25)

Thanks to Kazumi Ikenaga, Kazuya Kato, Non Nakagawa and Yoko Yoneyama for great help!

With support from Koda’s Cultural Funds
Projektet er støttet af Koda Kultur